Residential carpet

Carpet can help create a quieter, more pleasing atmosphere. Many of the carpets we use are made with wool: a natural and environmentally-friendly resource that is renewable and biodegradable. These carpets act as a natural insulator, absorbing and reducing sound and adding that homely feel.

Whether your home is contemporary or classical, carpet has many advantages over other flooring options. So, when you’re choosing a suitable carpet for your home, consider the following.


Carpet that is hard wearing can withstand heavy foot traffic and retain its appearance longer.


Carpet can provide year-round comfort and softness, increasing your enjoyment at home. It’s also pleasant for little feet and knees crawling around the room.


Loop pile gives a textured finish; cut pile offers a smooth even finish. Or you can choose a combination of both for a finish that really makes a statement. With carpet, there are no restrictions to the finish you can create.


Unlike other floor coverings that have limited scope for colour, carpet uses both natural and synthetic fibres, which means there is a potential palette of over 1,000,000 colours to choose from.


A soft Godfrey Hirst carpet not only increases comfort around the home, they can reduce the risk of injuries that arise from slipping or falling. As carpet pile also absorbs pressure, the stress level on the body is also reduced


With proper maintenance a carpet is easy to clean and will resist dirt and stains (no matter how busy or messy life gets). Carpet also acts as a natural insulator, creating a quiet relaxing environment.